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I, a Man
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Watch I, a Man (1967) : Full Movie Online Morrissey and Warhol's commercial take on the Swedish film I, A Woman. Somebody suggested to Warhol that they wanted a sexploitation film in the vein of I, A Woman, and so he and Morrissey concocted I, A Man. They created the story of this male hustler who talks with and sleeps with a series of women over the course of the film. The women are: a young woman who worries about parental acceptance of her sexuality, a woman who is on a couch, a woman with whom he does a seance, a woman who speaks French, a lesbian, and a married woman.

Title I, a Man
Release Date Aug 24, 1967
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries United States of America
Casts Tom Baker, Valerie Solanas, Ingrid Superstar, Nico, Ultra Violet, Ivy Nicholson, Bettina Coffin, Cynthia May, Stephanie Graves
Plot Keywords voyeurism,
Tom Baker
Valerie Solanas
Ingrid Superstar
Ultra Violet
Ivy Nicholson
Bettina Coffin
Cynthia May
Stephanie Graves
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